Víctor Kareh Fábregas


My name is Víctor. Here are some highlights about my life:


I work at Red Hat as a Principal Software Engineer. The majority of the projects I work on are related to managed services, particularly of OpenShift.

Some of the projects I work on here are:

Most of my time is spent attending meetings, designing new features (and writing the specs), writing code (mostly in Golang), and reviewing my teammates' code (which is usually better than mine).

Free Software

I'm passionate about Linux, Free Software, Open Source. I enjoy developing and contributing to various projects, especially when they make my life better.

Some of the projects I regularly devote time to:

I also have plenty of smaller/one-off contributions to many other projects. Check out my GitHub for more stuff.

In addition to contributing, there are other projects that I rely on every day and are dear to me:


My family and I live in the countryside and lead a homesteading lifestyle. We homeschool our children and actively work towards local food self-sufficiency.

It's a rewarding lifestyle full of fun challenges.