Professional javascript and node.js engineering for functional websites.

My name is Víctor Kareh and I'm a software engineer with a passion for the web and open source. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and now I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan, from where I do all my development. The rest of my time is spent doing crazy projects and outdoorsy stuff with my wife and kids.

I work as an independent consultant for companies that either use or want to use advanced web technologies such as node.js.

Among the things I do are:

  • Architecting full scale web applications
  • Expert-level development of javascript modules
  • Event-based development using node.js and Backbone.js

I have been doing javascript development since the early 2000s and node.js since the very first production versions. I've been working enough with these open technologies to know that the most sustainable way for both the developer and the client to be happy is to write code in a standards-compliant way, and then contribute it back to the open source community.

Not only does this feel good, but it crowd-sources any potential bugs, puts you in touch with how the community is doing it, and gives you tons of feedback for new ideas and improvements.