Professional javascript and node.js engineering for functional websites.


SpreadDB is a Spreadsheet-oriented database server with a RESTful API. It allows organizations to continue using their legacy spreadsheets (Excel or CSV) for their day-to-day operations, while having those same spreadsheets seamlessly power external web services. It does this by indexing the spreadsheet data and serving it as JSON through a REST API. SpreadDB is built using node.js, Express.js, and relies heavily on the Underscore.js library.


Collagen.js is a flexible modular framework for easily and painlessly creating web applications that use node.js on the back, Bootstrap on the front, and Backbone in between. It uses Bones to synchronize Backbone components between client and server.


uSalaries is a salary search tool for certain public universities. It uses node.js, Express, Backbone.js, Flot, and several other modules for data manipulation and display. The layout is composed using Twitter Bootstrap and some Glyphicons. The website itself is hosted on nodejitsu and the data is hosted on Cloudant.


toJSON().org is a simple service for converting between different serialized data formats. It uses node.js, Express, Backbone.js, and several other modules for data conversion. The source code for .toJSON().org is on GitHub and is released under the MIT license. The website itself is hosted on nodejitsu.